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crmMantraCustomer Relationship Management - CRM Consultants

crmMantra.com is pleased to present this website on Customer Relationship Management which is a CRM overview on all basic aspects of Customer Relationship Management.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a term for software solutions that help companies manage customer relationships in an organized & controlled way. The purpose of customer relationship management is to enable a company to serve its clients & customers in a better way through automated processes, personal information gathering software, processing and self-service.

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CRM Software

Software systems that are deployed to harness entire customer database in relation to various functions within an organization & effectively use this information to serve customers in a better way can be broadly termed as CRM Software. However, depending on the nature of business & its applications, different types of customer relationship management software have to be deployed to meet the exact requirement of that business.

Nowadays most of the CRM software is web CRM or online CRM & this can be platform based, therefore we have ASP CRM , Open source CRM, Analytical CRM etc. Telecom industry has Wireless CRM & Mobile CRM for customized requirements.

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CRM Companies

In this section find out more about leading CRM Companies like Seibel , SAP , ACT!, SugarCRM and more.

Microsoft CRM & more.

CRM Products

Detailed featured & analysis of several CRM Products here like Preact ,
Lotus Notes CRM , Goldmine CRM , Frontage Solutions , Sales Logix ,

SalesForce , Openmail , Onyx CRM & more..

CRM Applications

Customer relationship management is vital to organizations to serve their customers in a more productive way. There are a number of tools & applications where CRM is being used very effectively. CRM Systems use varied customized tools suited to various applications like Sales Force Automation , Online Call Center , Contact Management , Customer Care , Automotive CRM , Timesheets & more..

Benefits of CRM

Customer centric companies have reaped the benefits of customer relationship management, by putting the needs of their customers first. By analyzing behavioral patterns of customers through data warehousing & data mining, companies can design their product offering to match customer expectations.

Substantial addition to bottom line growth in a company's profitability can be achieved by successfully deploying CRM Systems.

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CRM Consultants

Successful implementation of CRM products requires qualified CRM consultants .

CRM consulting & CRM Management is a specialized field in itself and is not CRM marketing or selling CRM Systems & CRM services. CRM consulting means offering CRM solutions, which benefit both the company as well as its customers. We are compiling a comprehensive directory of CRM consultants , we request you to add CRM consultants & CRM consulting firms to our database.

CRM Resources

Our directory of customer relationship management resources shall contain the following:

  1. CRM magazine

  2. CRM Learning

  3. CRM White Papers

  4. CRM tools

CRM Jobs

Featured in this section would be employment related advice & information on jobs in the CRM industry. For online counseling and online therapist jobs and also contains links to CRM jobs websites.

CRM News

Stay updated with the latest news & happenings in the CRM Industry.

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For CRM Jobs send your Resume to CrmMantra AT gmail dot com

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